Centerville, UT
  • Thanks to Lake Murray Osprey for letting me use their website as a template for this site. Click here to visit their site.
  • Thanks to Jolleyville. I used their nest box as inspiration for mine and Jolly has been very helpful with many questions.
  • Thanks to OwlWatch. I used their nest box system to get the nest box up and down from the tree - which likely has kept me from falling 16 feet from the tree before their system changed things.
  • If you are able and feel so inclined, you can contribute to Bella and Copper and their streaming by clicking this text. What does it cost? Many cameras, two fulltime streaming computers with good video processing abilities, a crazy fast internet connection, the encoding program to send the video to YouTube, and a host of other costs. I have easily spent more on this setup than I spent of a decent truck a couple years back.